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Angelo Merendino is a Cleveland, Ohio based editorial photographer most known for his photo-documentary The Battle We Didn't Choose - My Wife's Fight With Breast Cancer, a powerful and intimate body of work that chronicles the lives of Angelo and his late wife, Jennifer, who suffered from breast cancer.

Angelo was born and raised in Akron, Ohio, and he is the youngest of 11 children. In his youth Angelo was surrounded by music and emotion, and he started playing the drums at the age of 6, spending the next 20 plus years performing music all over the country. While his passion for music brought him great satisfaction. Angelo often felt unable to fully communicate his innermost feelings from behind a drum set.

Photography offered Angelo the voice he needed to express himself, and his curiosity and desire to look deep into his own existence have shaped Angelo's vision: to share what he believes is important - the simple moments in life we all feel, relate to, and can learn from.

In 2016, Angelo returned to the Story Half Told initiative, lending his talents to document how life has changed for some of the women and families originally featured last year on

Interview with Angelo Merendino.

Summer at Lake Erie.

“Love every morsel of the people in your life.”

"Photography at its core is way to communicate, a way to share the times in life that matter the most to us. These moments, often so simple and easily overlooked, tell the story of our life."

Dad dealing cards.

“My wife Jen taught me to love, to listen, to give and to believe in others and myself.”

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