Beth Fairchild

MeetBeth Fairchild

Beth Fairchild, 36, is mother and tattoo professional, living with metastatic breast cancer.

Beth's metastatic breast cancer diagnosis in 2014 came as a surprise, as she had undergone a mammogram the month prior with clean results and had never experienced a lump in her breast before. However, breast cancer was nothing new to Beth, as her mother had been previously diagnosed with Stage 2 disease. Following her diagnosis, Beth was surprised with how much more there was to know about the disease and realized that the metastatic population was particularly underrepresented. She started a social movement, Stomp Out BC Monday, to raise awareness for MBC using the hashtag #DontIgnoreStageIV, which connected her to METAvivor, where she is currently a board member.

Beth works in the tattoo industry and owns five studios with her husband, where she specializes in areola tattoos for women who have undergone a mastectomy and permanent cosmetics. Beth enjoys being outdoors, particularly on the beach, and spending time with her husband, two teenage daughters and German Shepherds.

Video: Who is Beth Fairchild?
Beth reflects on her metastatic diagnosis and how it has impacted her life, her outlook, and her role as a mother, wife, and advocate.

Minutes feel like hours while Beth waits for her CT scan to begin.

Sometimes, good news from the doctor can be overwhelming. Beth's scan showed no new spread of her cancer.

Beth's mind races with thoughts of what her MRI scan may reveal.

Huddling up for a group hug, the Fairchilds prove that there's nothing stronger than family.

Beth practicing yoga and enjoying the beautiful North Carolina sunset on Emerald Isle...Namaste.

Video: Strength
Beth shares where she draws strength as a mother, wife and woman living with metastatic breast cancer.

Beth demonstrates her skills as an artist while bringing her latest creation to life for a new client.

Beth and Marc traveling at the speed of life in the face of MBC.

Video: Healthcare Provider Relationship
Beth discusses how finding the right doctor and having an open dialogue about your metastatic disease is a crucial step for anyone.

On the heels of an emotionally draining day, there is nothing like a strong shoulder to lean on.

Beth transforms her living room into a sanctuary for meditation.

Beth and daughters Cylest and Leigh Ann decompressing in the backyard after a long day.

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