Lynn Johnson

MeetLynn Johnson

Lynn Johnson photographs the human condition. A regular contributor to National Geographic, Johnson is known for finding beauty and meaning in elusive, difficult subjects.

Johnny Hill, of Parker, Arizona is the last speaker of the Chemehuevi language. He says losing any of his native words is like watching a feather float away.

Maj. Jeff Hall and his family huddle together on sacred ground. The family had to build a new life when Jeff returned from multiple tours of duty with unique blast force injuries.

In Northern Kenya, Samburu women are the guardians of the water. Young women balance on top of a water tank making sure villagers share in every last precious drop.

Nyaromber Village, Kenya—Mary Okeyo is a Saint on Earth. A deaconess in her local Lutheran church, she visits the needy and neglected everyday dispensing food, pain medicine, prayer and touch with those who truly need care. She is here with Alice Adhiambo, who is suffering from multiple illnesses and seasonal flooding that is destroying her very modest home.

A Grandma, her hands showing years of labor in rice fields, cares tenderly for her grandchild, An Jiang Wu. In this traditional Dong village in Southeast China, primary caretaking relationships are between the very young and very old.

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Steve McCurry
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Lynn Johnson
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