Stephanie Sinclair

MeetStephanie Sinclair

Stephanie Sinclair is known for gaining unique access to the most sensitive gender and human rights issues around the world. She has photographed the defining conflicts of the past decade with fearless persistence. Although she has covered the dramatic events of war, her most arresting works confront everyday brutality faced by young girls. Her studies of domestic life bring into sharp relief the physical and emotional tolls that entrenched social conventions, such as child marriage, can take on those most vulnerable to abuse. Sinclair’s images mark an exchange of trust and compassion. But by consenting to be photographed at their most vulnerable, the people depicted in her images also demonstrate a rare bravery.

Sinclair is also Founding Executive Director of Too Young to Wed, a nonprofit providing visual evidence of the human rights challenges faced by girls and women around the world. Using the power of visual storytelling, Too Young to Wed aims to protect girls’ rights and end child marriage worldwide.

The festival of Corpus Christi in Cusco, Peru 2013.

A lieutenant patrols the pink barracks of Yemen's female counter terrorism unit at their base. Sanaa, Yemen 2012.

Nujood Ali, 12, two years after her divorce from her husband who was more than 20 years her senior. "Don't let your children get married. You'll spoil their educations and you'll spoil their childhoods." Sanaa, Yemen 2010.

Children play after school outside their dormitory at the Katanga Protectorate Center and School in Tanzania. Kabanga, Tanzania 2013.

Vladimir Dovgal brings flowers for the grave of his girlfriend's daughter, who was murdered in a domestic violence dispute. Potova, Ukraine 2011.

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