MeetThe Photographers

Pfizer has commissioned a team of well known photographers to capture the daily lives of courageous women living with metastatic breast cancer.

These photographers hail from across the US and bring their unique composition styles and perspectives to the program. They have photographed for prominent publications, developed cancer photo-documentaries, been featured in museum collections, and possess a passion for sharing their work with a collective fan base of millions on social media.

Click the images below to learn more about the photographers whose work is featured in the photo essay initiative.

Steve McCurry

New York, NY

Photographing Khadijah Carter (2015)

Lynn Johnson

Pittsburgh, PA

Photographing Beth Fairchild (2016)

Stephanie Sinclair

Miami, FL

Photographing Esther Garza (2016)

Angelo Merendino

Cleveland, OH

Photographing Holley Kitchen (2015), Khadijah Carter (2016), Jill Cohen (2016), Carol Miele (2016)

Ben Heath

Los Angeles, CA

Photographing Jill Cohen (2015)

Chris Ozer

San Francisco, CA

Photographing Carol Miele (2015)

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