MeetThe Women

Meet the extraordinary women with metastatic breast cancer - advocates, bloggers, working professionals, mothers, daughters and wives - all who openly share the realities of the disease and the joys of their full and meaningful lives through this initiative.

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Esther Garza

Age at MBC Diagnosis: 45

Austin, TX

Photos by Stephanie Sinclair

Beth Fairchild

Age at MBC Diagnosis: 34

New Bern, NC

Photos by Lynn Johnson

Khadijah Carter

Age at MBC Diagnosis: 35

New York, NY

Photos by Steve McCurry

Jill Cohen

In Memoriam

Age at MBC Diagnosis: 42

Seattle, WA

Photos by Ben Heath

Holley Kitchen

In Memoriam

Age at MBC Diagnosis: 40

Cedar Park, TX

Photos by Angelo Merendino

Carol Miele

Age at MBC Diagnosis: 65

Ocala, FL

Photos by Chris Ozer

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