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Esther Garza

Esther Garza

MeetEsther Garza

Esther is a 55-year-old mother, grandmother, metastatic breast cancer patient and advocate within the Latina breast cancer community.

In 2006, at the age of 45, Esther was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer with lung metastases. Following her diagnosis, her oncologist suggested she get a popular breast cancer book. While shopping for this book at a used book store, Esther picked up a copy at random and inside was a handwritten note on the first page which read, “Esther, to your good health. I hope you find this helpful.” Esther says this experience gave her the strength to endure.

Esther first shared this powerful story publicly on NPR’s Austin area StoryCorps, which is now archived in the Library of Congress. Esther also participated in Casting for Recovery, an educational and supportive retreat for women with breast cancer, as well as Team Survivor Austin and IV League, both of which are support groups within the local Austin community.

Since her diagnosis, Esther has continued working with the Texas Historical Commission in Austin, and has recently become engaged to be married.

Video: Esther Garza
Esther Garza has been living with metastatic breast cancer for over 10 years. Join Esther as she shares her story as an advocate for metastatic breast cancer patients.

Having raised two amazing sons, Esther relishes her recent promotion from mom to doting grandma.

"Esther Road." Esther appears to mirror the iconic album cover while passing the State Capitol as she makes her way to work at the Texas Historical Commission.

Esther credits her faith with giving her the strength to not just endure, but thrive in the face of metastatic breast cancer.

Helping out at bath time, Esther enjoys a bonding moment with the newest addition to the family, granddaughter Amelia.

Video: Strong For Others
Esther reflects on her life as a metastatic breast cancer patient and how being strong for others at times means letting them help you.

It’s never too late to try something new! Esther looks like a natural during her first tap dancing class, with other women living with breast cancer.

Esther knows that there is no shortage of work to be done to shine a light on breast cancer, as evidenced by her volunteer work this year at the 2016 Art Bra Austin auction and fundraiser.

Esther hosts a gathering of fellow women living with metastatic breast cancer, who affectionately call themselves the “IV League.” Support groups like this one help Esther know she’s not alone.

After a long day, this Texas grandma has earned the right to kick off the boots and relax.

Video: Community
Esther and her friends discuss the important role of community when living with metastatic breast cancer.

A simple hug from her oldest son, Matthew, who has seen his mom go through a lot over the last 10 years since her MBC diagnosis.

Despite her metastatic breast cancer diagnosis, Esther is excited for what her future holds with fiancé Patrick.

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