Do Tattoos Cause Cancer? – The Making of the Stupid Stuff People Say to People Living with MBC

Stupid Stuff People Say to People Living with MBC

It’s understandable. You want to say something comforting and hopeful to someone you know living with cancer. But, the truth is, you don’t really know what to say. So, sometimes, all the wrong words fall out of your mouth.

We get it. We, the people living with cancer, don’t always know what to say either. But, we definitely know what NOT to say like, “do you think your tattoos caused your cancer?” As such, the idea to educate others in a fun, yet informative way, through truth-telling and dark humor was born. We bring you the things you definitely should not say to someone living with metastatic breast cancer (mBC) - Stupid Stuff People Say to People Living with MBC.

A lot of projects like this are created using professional actors and actresses. But, I knew this was a sensitive subject - and the message needed to be delivered with care by real people living with mBC. After casting a diverse group of five people affected by mBC, we sat down for a round table discussion to share some true stories of unbelievable things that people had said to us since we were diagnosed with mBC. These stories resulted in the script and every line is steeped in 100% reality.

We filmed over two days in a home in rural Virginia. Hilarity ensued on set and some of the footage we captured was outrageously funny. The five of us bonded over the diagnosis we share, and we found ourselves in stitches time and again at the absurdity of the stupid stuff people (really do) say to people living with mBC. Only another person living with the disease could help us find humor in the irony and the tragedy of it all. Sometimes we have to laugh to keep from crying.

Sadly, just six short months after the filming of this piece our friend, Ryan Keith, passed away from mBC. It was a jarring reminder of how fragile our lives are and the importance of raising awareness of the need for mBC research.

Please watch this video and share it with your family and friends.