Supporting Loved Ones

supporting loved ones
supporting loved ones

Tim Watkins lives with his partner and Story Half Told participant, Michael Kovarik, in upstate New York.

He traveled to New York City to show support for Michael, who was MC'ing the AnaOno New York Fashion Week Cancerland show.

Michael has been living with metastatic breast cancer (mBC) since 2015. Since his diagnosis, Michael has been active within the mBC community, and Tim couldn't be more proud.

In Tim’s words, "he brings to this event the man’s perspective on having breast cancer. Letting everybody know that they’re not alone, and that includes men. He tries to do as much as he can with the time he’s got, and we do want to share our story with everybody because they're not alone, and we're not alone. There’s a whole community that gives support to each other, and within that support also comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes the advocacy and the support for more research. So it's so important, what he’s doing, and I love him very dearly."