Tattoo Artist Helps Women Embrace Their New Post-Mastectomy Bodies With Art

Tattoo Artist
Tattoo Artist

Samantha Rae Carniato is a tattoo artist from Vancouver Island, Canada. She specializes in helping women embrace their new bodies and life post-mastectomy with art and beauty.

Samantha has an impressive portfolio that ranges from an award-winning Makeup, FX & Airbrush 'Body’ artist to a certified yoga instructor; however, her passion lies with a needle, an indelible ink, and a human body as a canvas.

Samantha was first introduced to the notion of tattooing women who’ve had mastectomies after her mentor and friend, Stacie-Rae, underwent a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy. This experience triggered what is now a devotion to women who have undergone mastectomies with the purpose of providing them with a “new beginning” and control over a decision after having a life altering experience.

Having done dozens of specialty A.R.T. (areola restorative tattoos), mastectomy tattoos, and being a part of several mastectomy tattoo related organizations, Samantha decided to turn the wheels and change the game of the industry as it relates to mastectomy tattoos and areola restorative tattoos.

As a distributor with World Famous Tattoo Ink (USA), Samantha, along with Stacie-Rae, developed the Pink Ribbon Series to provide survivors with the opportunity for long-lasting and realistic tattoos. It doesn’t end there, though. Samantha also launched an online store dedicated to A.R.T. and mastectomy tattoos, and developed a custom silicone tattoo model featuring Breast Cancer 'Alterations' to promote education for the tattoo community.

Samantha loves being an artist and the ability to lift people up through her work. She is an extraordinary example of someone who can use their specialization and talent to help others feel beautiful, whole, and happy.

To learn more, check out her personal Instagram and charity: @samrtattoo and @aftercancerart