What It Means to Live with Stage IV Cancer

Live with Stage IV Cancer
Live with Stage IV Cancer

I have finally settled into the reality of this diagnosis and what it really means to “live” with stage IV cancer, which is considered a “terminal” diagnosis.

It certainly took me a bit longer than I would have liked, but I finally figured it all out.

I refuse to be a statistic. I am a living, breathing, feeling human. No one knows what will happen with me and this “sleeping giant” inside me.

I have chosen to be extremely positive. To find the positive in almost any situation, which believe me, is a gift. I have also chosen to share as much of my positivity as I can. I run a peer-to-peer support group for metastatic breast cancer gals and guys, like myself, so we have a place to be ourselves, let down our guard, and say what we really want. That feels great.

I give out my number freely, I approach and speak to complete strangers whenever is necessary or is asked of me, which is something I have learned to do only through this cancer journey.

I have said many times, it is a gift and a curse. I am learning new things that I never knew I would all the time. I am 3 years into treatment and still stable. I struggle as I watch others who have not had such an easy go of it. None of us have these answers. I just keep plowing along.