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Carol Miele

Carol Miele

MeetCarol Miele

Carol is a 70-year-old wife, grandmother and retired nurse, who was initially diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2010 at the metastatic stage after noticing a mass during a self-examination. Carol has turned to the arts to help cope with her breast cancer and continues to engage in activities including painting and writing. Following her diagnosis, she began chronicling her experiences through poetry and prose that she shared with other women living with MBC, which were eventually published in her first book, Metastatic Madness. She continues to write as a contributor for the Huffington Post about various topics related to breast cancer and published a second book, Kicking Cancer to the Curb!.

Video: Carol Miele
A retired nurse living in Florida, Carol reflects on how she was drawn to writing as an outlet to express herself following her metastatic breast cancer diagnosis.

Another day, another doctor’s appointment. That’s life with metastatic breast cancer.

A lifelong friendship: Carol and Yvonne. From nursing school, class of ’65 to next-door neighbors in Ocala, Florida.

Painting the world as she sees it.

Carol’s ever present companion, friend, and “chemo buddy,” her dog Flora is always by her side.

Video: Behind the Scenes
Photographer Chris Ozer and Carol Miele discuss their efforts to capture her story and shine a light on metastatic breast cancer.

Thanks to Carol’s work as an advocate for women with metastatic breast cancer, the State of Florida proclaimed the month of February Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Support is a two-way street in the Miele household, as Carol lends hers to husband Gene during his pre-op appointment for an upcoming cataract surgery.

All Aboard! Carol hops on for a glass-bottom boat ride in the nearby Silver Springs State Park, Florida.

At her local library, Carol spots a copy of her first book, Metastatic Madness.

A break from the action, as Carol and Gene sit down for a quiet lunch together and wait for the rain to subside before resuming their day.

Few things are better than a reunion in Florida with childhood friends from the old neighborhood back in Pennsylvania.

Breakfast with the Mieles

Before Carol and husband Gene sit down for breakfast, it’s mealtime for Flora.

Carol Miele blogging about all things MBC

With two books under her belt, Carol’s in deep thought over her next book project.

Carol’s special connection with animals shows during a visit to an Ocala horse farm.

Carol, who is a fan of everything Wonder Woman, lovingly refers to her convertible as her invisible plane.

After a day in the hot Ocala sun, Carol cools off with some well-deserved pool time.

A romantic stroll through the neighborhood after a dip in the pool.

Flora, Carol's "chemo buddy," taking the Mieles out for a walk.

Carol is still thankful for all life's blessings in the midst of metastatic breast cancer.

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Learn more about metastatic breast cancer through our partners
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Learn more about metastatic breast cancer through our partners
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