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These are stories from the breast cancer community. Video and blogs detail day-to-day experiences, tips and words of inspiration for others living with metastatic breast cancer (mBC).

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Living with mBC
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Living with MBC

Harnessing the Power of Female Friendships Amid an mBC Diagnosis

By Esther Brickley

It was a hot August afternoon when I found out I had de novo metastatic breast cancer (mBC) – meaning I had never been diagnosed with breast cancer before – and when I was diagnosed, I learned the cancer had spread to my lungs.


The Importance of Mental Health in the Black Community

By Sheila McGlown

Mental health is not something that is talked about often in the Black community; and yet, it's an essential aspect of physical health and life satisfaction.


The Dense Breast Dilemma

By Carol Miele

“It is like looking for a snowball in a snowstorm.” That is how my oncologist described looking for a tumor among dense breast tissue (DBT) to me.


Dealing with Stress Around the Holidays

By Beth Fairchild

Holidays, well, they can be stressful in general. It’s easy to put unrealistic expectations on others during family gatherings, or to allow societal pressures to cause us unnecessary anxiety because we feel as if we are falling short.

Living with MBC

Loss, Hope and Love in the Storm

By Khadijah Carter

A survivor of breast cancer, diagnosed in 2003 and diagnosed with metastatic disease in 2010, I am no stranger to managing the uncertainties of a deadly illness. I became increasingly concerned in March of 2020 as we learned that coronavirus cases were be