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Khadijah Carter

Khadijah Carter

MeetKhadijah Carter

Khadijah Carter is a mother and a woman with strong faith who was initially diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2003 at the advanced stage (Stage 3a) after noticing a lump in her breast. Her diagnosis came as a shock, given her young age of 28 and healthy lifestyle. As a former lead singer of a funk soul band, Khadijah turned to the arts and her spirituality to help cope with her breast cancer by joining art classes, writing songs and joining the choir at her church. She also received a lot of support from her friends, who often accompanied her to her chemotherapy treatments.

Following her diagnosis with metastatic breast cancer, Khadijah attended graduate school at Columbia University, where she received her graduate degree in journalism in 2013. Khadijah now works full-time for the New York Police Department and also is affiliated with the Young Survival Coalition. She encourages women with breast cancer to be proactive about their health and to stay hopeful despite the adversity they face.

Video: Khadijah Carter
Crediting her 'New Yorker' fortitude, Khadijah discusses overcoming life’s obstacles and the importance of sharing her story with other women living with metastatic breast cancer.

Living with metastatic breast cancer takes a powerful toll, but Khadijah works hard not to let her disease define her.

Khadijah reunites with her daughter at Penn Station.

Khadijah attributes her success in the face of metastatic breast cancer to never giving up on her vision, and dreams.

Ms. Carter heads to Washington.

Video: Behind the scenes
Photographer Steve McCurry and Khadijah share their favorite memories from their time together helping tell Khadijah's story as a metastatic breast cancer advocate and pillar in her community.

While in Washington D.C., Khadijah meets with her Congressman Rep. Hakeem Jeffries.

As part of Khadijah’s job with NYPD News, she gets set to interview Officer Diaz.

Khadijah holds a candle at the National Mall while attending a vigil honoring fallen police officers as part of National Police Week.

With her background as a journalist, Khadijah has an eye for capturing the most powerful story.

There’s nothing like catching up with an old friend over dinner.

In the pews, Khadijah and her daughter connect through a shared faith.

It may only be 6 am, but Khadijah is already hard at work mixing her left and right jabs.

With the Washington Monument behind her, a pair of geese serendipitously surrounds Khadijah before taking flight.

Always active, Khadijah warms up for the day with a jog to her kickboxing class.

Khadijah leads her church congregation in singing, prayer, and faith.

Always with a smartphone in tow, Khadijah is a social media guru!

Khadijah and her daughter, Deja.

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, Khadijah soaks in the New York City skyline.

In Brownsville, Brooklyn, Khadijah connects with a young "boy in blue."

Khadijah meets with former New York Police Department Commissioner, William Bratton.

After a long day, Khadijah kicks off her shoes to feel the sand between her toes.

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